My Favorite Southern Utah Vendors

So many of my brides ask my advice on who to go to for their wedding vendors, so I decided to put together a list of some of my favorites in the industry! None of these companies are affiliates, just some super talented people I adore working with! These are in no particular order, I love them all the same! All photo's are by me.



Bloomers is a floral company located in the center of town. They make the most gorgeous large bouquet's I have ever seen! Cathy and her crew are so talented and fun to work with!



Bliss has the best furniture and decorations for your wedding. Debbie is the best at what she does! She can create the most perfect theme and set for your big day!


Sassy Chic

Cristina designs custom wedding dresses for each of her brides, and she blows me away with every single one of her dresses! 


The Falls

This is one of my favorite wedding venues! It is so elegant and has so many options. Plus, they have the sweetest and hard working crew to make sure your wedding day goes to plan!


Mary Lou

Mary Lou makes the best cupcakes and desserts! They always come out elegant, beautiful, and exactly how you asked them to be!


Jocelyn's Floral

Amy creates custom bouquets and floral decor for your big day! Her pieces are classic and timeless, and everything you could dream for.


My Amazing Wedding Dress

Lena makes the most beautiful custom, modest wedding dresses! She will create your dream dress for an amazing price!


Green Gate Village

Green Gate Village is the best venue if you want a timeless look for your big day. They have so many options and make sure your wedding is gorgeous!


Katering Koncepts

Katering Koncepts pretty much does it all! They have the best options for dinners, desserts, pretty much anything you could think of!