Family + Maternity

Whether you're pregnant excited to welcome your first little one, or already enjoying your bloomed family, I want to create the most beautiful images for your family. I am not a keep-everything-perfect and fix-all-the-stray-hairs kind of girl. I am an accept-the-chaos and enjoy-the-little-moments kind of girl! I'm all about laughing and playing with the ones you cherish most. I want you to look back on these images and remember the silly faces your partner always makes, or the way your little one always plays with their hair. I of course get some smiles at the camera, but mostly I like to play, especially with little ones! One very important thing to me is that I don't limit the amount of photo's you will be receiving. Every family is different, and I will not be putting a cap on the amount of memories your will be receiving. I want you to be excited to see all of the picture perfect moments, but also all of the silly moments as well! I want to create photographs you will look back on and smile at forever.